Women's Running Socks

Women's Technical Running Socks from Hilly, a world renowned manufacturer of women’s running accessories. Women’s fit running socks in a range of bold colours, to take you the distance. Designed for Comfort and Performance.


Our extensive product selection has been split into three ranges:

Urban- Women’s Socks for all distances up to marathon and beyond. Multi use socks for every activity whether it’s gym, running, cycling, long distance, cross fit or marathon. Our technical socks go the distance.

Night- Be Safe. Be Seen. A choice of high visibility socks consisting of fluorescent colours, reflective yarns and mid-level cushioning, ideal for night running. Don’t get squashed!

Compression Comfort. Protection. Recovery. Give your feet and body the ultimate running experience. Improved blood-flow helps flush lactic acid during and after off-road training and racing.


Anti-Blister. All Hilly women’s running socks have wicking properties; this transfers the moisture to the outer layer leaving the foot dry and therefore reducing the risk of friction and blisters

Fresh feet. All Hilly socks have anti-microbial properties that help inhibit odor producing bacteria and reducing the chance of athlete’s foot.

Comfort.  Our women’s running socks offer a choice of cushioning options for a range of distances and activities. From the versatility and lightweight construction of monoskin, to the added comfort and protection of twinskin.

Multi-purpose. Women’s specific fit socks from Hilly are multi-purpose and offer great features for other sports including cycling, racquet sports, hiking etc

Essential Running Gear. Remember — A  technical running shoe deserves a Hilly technical running sock. It’s your 2nd most important piece of running equipment


Founded 20 years ago by running legend Dr Ron Hill, Mbe, former European, Boston and Commonwealth champion. At the time he saw an opportunity to develop a range of women’s technical performance running socks .We still design and manufacture our products based on a simple philosophy-to make great technical running socks for women.

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